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Who’s Your Fav Character?? FROZEN


A prophecy traps a kingdom in eternal winter, so Anna must team up with Kristoff, a daring mountain man, on the grandest of journeys to find the Snow Queen and put an end to the icy spell. Encountering Everest-like extremes, mystical creatures and magic at every turn, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom from destruction.

1. Elsa


Elsa is a princess of the fictional Scandinavian country of Arendelle, as a little girl Anna and Elsa were inseparable until a curse lands Elsa with the power of turning this she touches into ice. Elsa realises how dangerous she is when she accidentally almost kills Anna. Worried about her power Elsa agrees with her parents’ decision to separate her form Anna, Anna has no idea that her elder sister is suffering from a curse and after their parents die unexpectedly, the two girls grow up in a gloomy castle, together yet apart because Elsa keeps herself locked in her room. When Elsa comes of age to assume the crown of Arendelle, the gates of the castle are opened up for the first time in years. Ana is thrilled. There are other people in the castle, she’s all dressed up, Elsa’s come out of her room and, as if all this wasn’t awesome enough, she and a super smooth prince have fallen in love. Elsa proves to be a killjoy when she tells Ana she can’t marry literally the first man she’s met within a few hours of meeting him. But it’s love at first sight, wails Anna and throws a tantrum. Elsa panics and suddenly, there are icicles shooting out of Elsa’s hands. Hating herself and her curse, Elsa runs away, leaving Arendelle frozen in unseasonal snow and ice. Far away in the mountains, Elsa builds a spectacular ice castle and for the first time in years, she relaxes because here she is truly alone and there’s no one she can hurt. She can finally be herself.

Elsa is no evil, frosty vision of twisted and toxic maternity like the original Snow Queen. She’s a young woman in difficult circumstances, frightened, trying to understand her abilities and burdened by expectation and convention. It’s easy to sympathise with her and marvel at her ability when she builds her spectacular palace in the mountains.

2. Anna


Anna is Elsa’s younger sister, Anna’s life is anything but simple. When Anna finally found out about Elsa’s secret she goes on a daring journey to bring her sister home, when she finds her sister they have an argument and Elsa accidentally shoots a piece of ice from her finger, that embedded itself in Anna’s heart. The icy slowly starts to freeze her life out of her and only an act of true love can save her life. 

Anna in the end, end’s up breaking the curse by saving her sister from Han’s, and falls in love with Kristoff.

3. Olaf


Olaf was created by Elsa accidentally, he helps Anna find her sister.

4. Kristoff


Kristoff helps Anna, but ends up falling in love with her. He rushes Anna to Han’s side to break the curse, but in the end he and Anna have a happily ever after ending.

5. Hans


Han’s is an Evil prince, who nearly ends up killing Elsa. He meets Anna when they crash into each other on the pier, thats when he ask’s her to marry him and of course she says yes. When Anna is looking for her sister he looks after the Kingdom. When Elsa comes back after relising what she has done Han’s puts her in a dungeon. He also looks up Anna to die from the curse.

6. Sven


Sven is Kristoff’s reindeer who goes on helping Anna find her sister in the icy mountains.